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Innovent is the exclusive North and South American importer for the AntiDUST® tape - the breathable vent tape for your multiwall acrylic or polycarbonate sheeting.


​We are the exclusive importer of AntiDUST® tape in North and South America, supplying the premiere vent tape to manufacturers, distributors and consumers of multiwall polycarbonate sheets. We provide creative solutions, fast delivery, technical training, marketing material, support, and customized packaging. 

We establish partnerships by offering premium innovative vent and closed tapes and strategically educating and clarifying the durability of polycarbonate multiwall projects.


International Trading Partners, now named Innovent, started 25 years ago in the United States by my father, Thomas, who had emigrated from the Netherlands as a young man in search of an opportunity. As a Dutchman and an entrepreneur, Thomas’s career always involved introducing a premier product into the US market. Thomas had a keen eye for recognizing the innovative technology and superior quality of the AntiDUST® tape which is designed and manufactured in his home country. As fate would have it, my father befriended the founder and inventor of the tape, John Hooft, and together they became business partners with ITP/Innovent, being the sole importer of the AntiDUST® tape into the USA.  As a result of my father’s dedication and determination to bring the original AntiDUST® tape to the USA, Innovent is now the exclusive importer of AntiDUST® tape in North and South America. 

Similar to my father’s interests, I shared a passion for introducing cutting edge technology to various healthcare markets. For 21 years, I lived and worked in the Bay Area and promoted a dynamic range of motion splint for physical therapy patients, a handheld electronic prescription writing device for prescribing doctors (think PalmPilot prior to iPhones), a revolutionary vessel sealing device used in total joint, spine and liver surgeries which successfully became the standard of care within multiple medical systems in Northern California and across the USA. Wanting to help expand the footprint of another product, in 2016 I partnered with my father to support his business as he focused on his health due to his newly acquired leukemia diagnosis. My father worked up until he passed away in 2018. Four years later, it is the heart warming stories from his long-standing customers and their memories of my father that continue to fill my heart.  I have been honored to continue his work and love furthering relationships, offering a superior niche product, expanding market share, and developing this brand in the Americas.

We look forward to collaborating with you on your next project and it is our promise to you to make the experience stream-lined, easy, and effective. 


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